Key Features

Easy Setup Easy Setup
Nothing to install
Easy to use
Set it and forget it
One Click Restore One-Click Restore
Simple intuitive interface
Find lost data in seconds
Restore with a single click
Unlimited Backup Unlimited Backup
Up to 6 snapshots per day
No retention limits
No hidden charges


Keep Your Cloud Data Safe and Restore Fast

Your employees and their productivity are one of your most valuable resources. That's why you invested in Office 365. But what happens when the content your employees create is lost?

With Office 365 Backup you can instantly find and rapidly restore that lost content, giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, your productivity is protected.



Data loss happens, even in the cloud!

Office 365 and the Cloud do not prevent data loss due to human action. 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content accidentally or intentionally1, and that's not the only threat.

Another study2 found that 32% of the companies surveyed had experienced data loss from:

Deleted items in Office 365 will be permanently removed after 14 days3. Expanded Office 365 licenses and features offer unlimited retention, but don’t provide a fast, easy way to restore content exactly as it was and where it was so your employees can get back on track quickly.

1IT Compliance Policy Group. 2January 2013 SaaS report by the Aberdeen Group. 3This retention can be extended to a maximum of 30 days.


The cost of getting back on track

With Office 365 Cloud Backup

25 employee mailboxes @ £3.25/month = £81.25/month

The cost to restore a single lost file can be equal to or more than the cost of investing in an organisation-wide backup solution for an entire year!

But what if you need to recover an entire folder or mailbox of a key employee? The cost of not having a backup solution is can be unpredictable. 

Without Office 365 Cloud Backup (Estimated recovery costs)



Office 365 Archiving

6 Hours

Cloud Backup

5 Minutes

The time it takes to get back on track

How long can you afford to be without lost data? It can take IT support 6 hours to recover a single file without a backup solution.

SkyKick Cloud Backup can restore a lost file in minutes.



Get Back on track


With our Cloud Backup Technology you can instantly find and rapidly restore lost data, so you have total peace of mind and stay productive no matter what happens. And with 6 snapshots daily, the backup keeps pace with your business throughout the day.


Quick Discovery, One-Click Restore

Whether you lose a single file, a folder or an entire mailbox, the intuitive interface makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Find the mailbox in the list
  2. Click the Select drop-down menu on the right
  3. Select what you want to restore

Lost data goes right back to where it was as it was, with permissions respected and no file overwrites.



Avoid the Cost and Stress of Data Loss


Pay a predictable, low, fixed monthly price per user to quickly and easily get your employees back on track.

Fill out the form to get a customized quote and we'll get in touch to find out if you'd like to backup your Exchange Online mailboxes, your SharePoint and OneDrive collections or both.

Exchange Online Backup

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SharePoint Backup

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* per user, billed monthly