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We understand that many small businesses may not be getting what they need from their IT. In a world where technology is advancing at an almost daily rate, it can be a challenge keeping up with the competition. Increased productivity should be the goal of any business wanting to stay one step ahead.

Atlantec is a Microsoft Partner that provides the advice and technology tools to enable you to be more productive at work and give you a better IT experience.


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We see a lot of organisations that have made significant investments in IT, but are unaware that they could be paying for services or technology that they don't even need. Not only are we confident we can save you money, but we can help improve productivity too. If we can't, then we'll walk away.

Are you vulnerable? Have you been hacked? Worried about security? Well not any more! Every client we migrate to the cloud has its own unique storage solution with an excellent authentication and authorisation process, making it one of the most secure ways to store your confidential data.

Every start-up, every school, every business can take advantage of the cloud. The cloud brings state of the art IT infrastructure to us all. Advanced solutions are available at little cost in the cloud giving the little guys the same advantage as their larger rivals.

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Our friends at Microsoft have created this eBook to help business owners find out how the cloud can help keep their organisations agile while creating new ways to connect with customers and colleagues.

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Just as Microsoft invests in its products to make them more and more reliable and scaleable for business, it also ensures that the best partners in the industry are prepared to deliver the technology solutions businesses need most.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the knowledge, skills and commitment to help you implement solutions that match your exact business needs. We'll help you turn effective technology into a competitive advantage.

Technology is the foundation of many of today's vital business functions. It helps you with employee communication and collaboration, it aids your partnerships with other businesses and it helps you reach out to your customers. But technology evolves and changes quickly, challenging even the most astute business to retain the right IT staff, with the right skill set.

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When technology needs arise, we know that finding the right expertise can be a real challenge. You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my internal IT department strictly accountable to a budget and timeline?
  • If I hire people for new IT projects, will I need these people after the project is complete?
  • Will my IT staff need to be trained in order to complete the next IT project? How much will that cost me in time and £?
  • Has reliability and compatibility been an issue in my past projects?

Get your solution from us, a Microsoft Partner. We share the risk with you, from budget accountability to project completion timelines. We're only on your team when you need us, so you don't need to "learn on the job" - which minimises your time to market and maximises your ROI in technology.



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Take the risk out of your Office 365 migration

We love Office 365. We love it so much, we eat it for breakfast, lunch (and if we're still hungry), dinner! If you're running an on-premise Email server or one of the many small businesses that realise Google Apps just doesn't cut it, give us a call and let us show you what a smooth running migration should look like.

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Here's The Offer...

Atlantec is offering any small business the opportunity to migrate to Office 365 for a fixed cost per mailbox. We know that migrating an entire email system can be overwhelming, but our experts will be able to ensure continued access to email, contacts and calendars throughout the process allowing your employees uninterrupted access to their work. 

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