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What's Coming with Windows 10

What's Coming with Windows 10

With the July 29th release of Windows 10 now announced, the cracks in the Microsoft barrier have started appearing. The first big leak came at the end of 2014 when screenshots of a new Windows operating system were released into the wild. Windows 10 (or rather 9, as we presumed it would be called back then – cheerio, logic!) was looking good, and we awaited further announcements.

Five ways SMEs are being more productive

I came across a great article published by Microsoft describing five ways that SMEs are being more competitive and productive in Europe. In a Nutshell:

  1. Embrace Cloud Computing
  2. Be more mobile
  3. Dump the outdated technology
  4. Maximise sales with CRM tools
  5. Focus more on running the busniness


Read all about it here: 

Five Steps to boosting SME competitiveness and productivity