The Importance of Technology in the Classroom

classroom technology

In today’s competitive world of teaching it is important to make your school stand out. Parents are no longer choosing their children’s place of education based solely on location; they are focusing on choosing a school with the best possible structure to ensure a solid education plan for their children. Having a solid IT platform is an essential element in giving your staff the best resources to efficiently work with and teach students, although IT costs can be cripplingly high for even a school with a more than modest budget. Therefore it is vital that you find a trustworthy and capable IT Partner to handle all of the IT responsibilities, so your staff can focus their concentration on what’s important, teaching.

The Education Benefits of Cloud Computing

By now you have probably heard of Cloud computing. To explain it in its most basic terms it’s the process of connecting to a remote server to store files and data online. Cloud computing takes the strain off running applications on your local computers, and in turn virtually eliminates the need for costly and time consuming upgrades to hardware and software. This allows unlimited access to files and data for authorized users anytime and from anywhere.

Storing files online takes out the hassle of having to be on site to access data and files.  One of the many advantages to cloud computing is that it’s extremely user friendly and requires nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection to use it. Allowing educators and business owners alike to no longer be bogged down by various IT obstacles, and permitting them to focus solely on their primary responsibilities.

Integrating student and student guardian access to cloud computing features in addition to the teaching staff promotes an immense collaborative initiative within schools, as well as allowing educators to automate tasks and open the door to a far more personalised way of learning.

Choosing the Best Managed Service Provider

In the ever-evolving world of IT, placing your IT infrastructure and applications with a solid Managed Service Provider has become more a necessity than a convenience. Recruiting a staff member with basic IT knowledge or giving your staff a crash course can be a costly and time-consuming process. Managed service providers can take care of all this for you.   

Atlantec is a Microsoft partner with an experienced team of technologists that provide support and technology to clients in and around London and the South-East focusing on interpreting each client’s technical needs and designs to execute the solutions needed for you to have a clear and efficient running IT infrastructure to your school or business operations. Delivering freedom to focus exclusively on core business, while simultaneously reducing IT costs, Atlantec can provide a bespoke solution for your school, to take the strain off your teaching staff, letting them concentrate on what they do best, providing education with the right resources to ensure the best results.