Windows Server 2003 | April 2003 - July 2015

Time is Running Out

Windows server 2003 launched 12 years ago, the first of its kind after the Trustworthy Computing Incentive (TCI) began introducing server roles. Microsoft took advantage of all the new hardware available at the time and came with a minimum recommended processor speed of 550 MHz and up to 4GB of RAM, supported in the 32-bit version. This made sure Windows Server 2003 was a success and it attracted an unprecedented number of users to the service.

server 2003 end of support

What’s changed?

Technology is a fast paced, ever changing thing and products introduced to the marketplace have to constantly evolve to keep up. Although Windows Server 2003 has served its users well over the years its is time to embrace new technology and step it up a notch. Not everyone is capable of migrating their company over to the new age but Atlantec provides the services and resources needed to do so.

Why do I need to change?

To put things into perspective, 15 years ago, when Windows Server 2003 was released, mobile applications and smartphones were rarely used by the general public. Today they are an everyday part of life, used by almost everybody. The average smartphone now has a larger memory capacity and a faster processor than the original Windows Server 2003.

We are phasing into a new era as Windows Server 2003 nears the end of support, and are excited to offer a new beginning for customers. Many companies large and small have already transitioned over to Microsoft Azure or newer versions of Windows Server and the benefits are undeniable.

Founded by technologists Atlantec has grown to become one of London’s leading Microsoft partners, having all the knowledge and resources necessary to provide users with higher reliability, improved performance and flexibility. For those still running Windows Server 2003 the time has come to prepare to migrate, as support will no longer be available after July 14, 2015.

No Updates compliance discontinued

Atlantec Can Help

In order to make the transition as seamless as possible a strong migration strategy is needed, and Atlantec can help develop one to best suit the needs of the company by identifying remaining instances of Windows Server 2003 and choosing appropriate migration paths for the remaining workload.

It is important to remember that although Windows Server 2003 will still run after support ends however running unsupported software carries very real security risks and can be a compliance violation, let Atlantec usher you into the new age of technology before this becomes an issue.

Windows Server 2012 R2

Businesses should be upgrading servers not only as part of maintenance but for the business opportunities it can provide. Technology has evolved greatly, with the arrival of private, hybrid and public cloud as well as new security and manageability standards. Atlantec specialise in it all.

We can help you decide which migration options best suit the needs of your business to help save money, obtain faster insight results and help update business applications, by providing strategy planning, IT infrastructure assessments, end user computing and Microsoft cloud solutions. If you’ve decided now’s the time to migrate, then we can help you.