Where is your cloud data stored?

It's a question we get asked a lot! I've decided to let Fred explain...


Here's Fred. The hybrid cloud is helping his small UK business grow at a pace that works for him. In fact, many SMBs choose to go to the cloud for "improved business agility" (Forrsights Software Survey, Forrester Q4 2013). Now, Fred's crucial data is always available - but where exactly does it go when he hits save?

Windows Server 2003 | April 2003 - July 2015

Windows Server 2003 | April 2003 - July 2015

Windows server 2003 launched 12 years ago, the first of its kind after the Trustworthy Computing Incentive (TCI) began introducing server roles. Microsoft took advantage of all the new hardware available at the time and came with a minimum recommended processor speed of 550 MHz and up to 4GB of RAM, supported in the 32-bit version. This made sure Windows Server 2003 was a success and it attracted an unprecedented number of users to the service.