Microsoft Office 365: What the heck is it?

Office 365 is a subscription based plan that includes the familiar Office applications in addition to other 'cloud-based' productivity services. Let’s explore what it offers and why you would consider making the change.... 

The standalone version - Microsoft Office is a collection of software applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. It can be installed on only one computer system at a time and does not come equipped with any services that are cloud-based. 

The ‘cloud’ is the option of storing data and files on the internet as opposed to locally on the hard drive of your computer. Once you store files on the cloud, you can then access them from anywhere, using any device that has internet access. When you use cloud based applications, the infrastructure resides off your premises and is maintained by another party.

With Office 365 you gain access to the main applications such as Word, Excel, etc plus other applications such as SharePoint, OneDrive cloud storage, Outlook Web App online mail service plus instant messaging and online video conferencing. You can access these services from anywhere, even on devices that don’t have the applications installed. You can also work on files when you are not online and when you reconnect all the changes will be automatically synchronised.  

A perk of using Office 365 is that it’s also been designed for use on touch-screen devices in addition to regular laptops and desktops. 

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