Can Your Small Business Keep Up?

Be Prepared for Growth

When your business is ready to grow, you can’t afford for your technology to hold you back. When customers are banging down your virtual door to buy your new product, you need to open it—now.

Buying and setting up new hardware can take weeks. But in the cloud, growth can take minutes. With Office 365, you can quickly equip new employees with the tools they need without a lengthy deployment process. Plus, with per-user licensing you can meet the demands of your workforce, pay for only what you use, and support nearly any mobile device.


Do you have the right people employed?

There’s no set formula for running a successful business, but there’s no doubt that people are an essential element. The wrong employees can be caustic and eat up valuable resources, while the right ones can concoct new ideas you never dreamt possible. So how can you cultivate that elusive kind of chemistry that helps your business thrive?

The People Analyzer™ from EOS gives you a simple and clear way of judging which individuals are right for your organization. Employees are rated with “+” or “–“ symbols (or a combination of the two), and the ratings are totaled up at the end. While it’s up to you to set the bar for acceptable employee performance, the keepers are the people with more plusses than plus-minuses (and no minuses). When everyone is scoring above the bar, you’re creating the company culture you want with great team chemistry.  Launch The People Analyzer by EOS.